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- Proscenium opening is 40 feet wide by 19’6” tall.

- From the plaster line to the back wall is 26 feet.

- The stage APRON is 14 feet 9 inches downstage of the plaster line.

- The stage left wing is 20 feet wide.

- The stage right wing is 16 feet 10 inches wide.

- There is a 3-foot-deep cross-over upstage of the blackout.

- The stage floor is Masonite painted flat black; it CAN NOT be screwed into. 


- The orchestra pit is covered by 9 feet long by 4 feet wide removeable sections.

- The orchestra pit is 7 feet deep below stage level. It can not be raised or moved in any way.

- The orchestra pit is 14 feet deep. It extends below the stage.

- The orchestra pit is 32 feet wide.



- Stadium style padded seating with 543 seat capacity.

- There is ample ADA accessible seating available in the back of house left and right.

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- Venue control console is an ETC IonXe20 with ETC Nomad as backup and clients. DMX is distributed over a structured lighting network using sACN nodes and DMX splitters.

- The light booth is located at the front of house above the audience in a windowed booth.

- For a complete list of all available lighting instruments, please see Lighting Inventory.

- Two power feeds are available. 1 located stage left, and the other in the break room behind the stage. Both are 3Ø, 120V, 200A per leg using camlock with reversed neutrals and grounds. - The theater utilizes a 100% LED rig. Dimmer modules are listed on the instrument inventory. Two 20A relay circuits are provided per electric for lighting instruments.

- For hanging position, please reference FCCT CAD Drawing.


- Venue uses a Soundcraft Si Expression 3 as its main console.

- Venue uses two JBL PRX715 speakers for main house sound.

- Monitors are available upon request. Venue uses JBL PRX712 monitors.

- For a complete list of venue sound equipment, please see “Sound Inventory”

- The house sound mixing position is located at ground level with the back row in the back center of house.

- Hearing assist is available.

- Playback: Venue has available multiple CD players, direct line in, or the use of Qlab.

- Clear-com wired communication is available at multiple points throughout the theatre.


- Two chorus dressing rooms are available. They are located upstairs off the down stage left side.

- The chorus dressing rooms are equipped with restrooms, lighted mirrors, ample counter space and hanging racks.

- There are two large bathrooms located in the green room off up stage left. They are large enough to serve as single or two person dressing rooms.

- There is a washer and dryer on the premises available upon request.



- The venue has 23 fly lines with 7 dedicated lines.

- There are 4 electrics. Please reference Stage CAD Drawing for specific placement on stage.

- There is a full black Mid-Traveler curtain on Line 11.

- There is a full black out curtain located all the way upstage on Line 23.

- The fly system consists of both single and double purchase line sets. Please reference Batten Schedule for specifics.

- There are two main drapes available. One is a traveler option, the other is a guillotine curtain. Both are a blue valour fabric.

- There are 4 sets of black legs and borders available.

- The venue owns a white CYC located on Line 22.

- The venue owns a black sharkstooth scrim.



- The loading area is located on the South East side of the building. It is the only garage door you can access via the parking lot.

- The loading door is 11 feet high by 10 feet wide.

- The loading area is located at ground level at the end of a ramp that slopes towards the building.

- If your transport vehicle is a box truck or larger, you will need to supply a loading ramp to access the ground level.

- From the loading dock to the upstage loading doors is approximately 25 feet.

- There is ample free parking in the venue’s parking lots located on the premises.

For additional information please email 

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